ELLIOT COLE: Postludes

ELLIOT COLE: Postludes

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for bowed vibraphone / four players – 24m

Postludes is a book of eight pieces for a familiar instrument played in a new way. Four players, with eight double-bass bows, play interlocking lines on a single vibraphone. The interplay of bows and hands tapping, muting and touching harmonics, weaves an intimate and intricate counterpoint that is as beautiful to watch as it is to hear: fragile, tender and haunting.

“Elliot Cole’s ‘Postludes’ for bowed vibraphone are a fantastic new addition to quartet repertoire for percussion – someday soon everyone is going to be playing these pieces. Working with Elliot, we discovered a huge new range of sonic possibilities and a gorgeous choreography unique to the bowed vibraphone. The ‘Postludes’ have had an immediate impact on audiences, and they are sure to become a part of the repertoire.”

— So Percussion


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Postludes 1-5 were premiered at Princeton University by So Percussion on May 1, 2012. 6-8 were premiered at the So Percussion Summer Institute by Drew Warden, Ellery Trafford, Tai-Jung Tsai, and Chris Sies.

Performed by

Amadinda / So Percussion / Mobius Percussion Quartet / Tennessee Tech / Indiana State / Indiana University / Michigan State / Louisiana Tech / Square Peg Round Hole / U. Wisconsin (Oshkosh) / U. of Akron / Juilliard Percussion Ensemble / Kansas U. / U. of Tennessee / Cleveland State / Ohio State / Mahidol U. Bangkok / Erasable Color / Nief Norf festival / U. Maryland / U. Michigan / Fulcrum Point Chicago / Georgia State / nobrow.music.collective / Eastman / U. South Alabama / North Arizona U. / Ad Astra Percussion / Oberlin / Chamber Cartel, Atlanta GA / BLOW UP Roma Percussion / Kinhaven Festival / Brevard Festival / Shenandoah Conservatory / U. Minnesota / U. Chile / Iktus Percussion / Iron Giant / Exit 9 / Virginia Commonwealth U. / Rowan U. / UNC Pembroke / U. of Wisconsin / U. Memphis / Prost / Chamber Music America / U. Texas / Smoke and Mirrors LA / Baylor / U. Kentucky / Ouachita Baptist / TorQ / Northern Illinois U. / Florida Atlantic University / Royal Conservatory Toronto / U. Nebraska / Florida State / U. Tennessee Martin / Butler U. / U. North Alabama / U. Wisconsin (Madison) / Lawrence North High School / Bowdoin / 4Given Rhythms Luxembourg / more